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Watch Damages Season 3 Online

damagesFX has yet another successful show on their hands and is building a solid resume for shows.  Like Nip/Tuck and Sons of Anarchy, Damages is a drama revolving around a law firm in New York City.  The show stars Glenn Close as a brilliant yet ruthless lawyer named Patty Hewes.  Opposite her is Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), Hewes’ protégée.  The first season focused on their attempt to win a class-action lawsuit against a former CEO filed by his workers.  The CEO was played by Ted Danson.  The second season was centered on a huge case against an energy company, as well as one of Patty’s ex-lovers.

Damages is so much of a hit that it has received critical acclaim and a number of television awards, including one Golden Globe and three Emmys.  The unique nonlinear narrative along with frequent plot twists is norm for a show on FX, but has allowed Damages to rake in the accolades.  Not to mention that a solid and respectable cast along with a strong season-long storyline will always boost reputability.  Guests stars for this season include Lily Tomlin, Martin Short, Reiko Aylesworth, and Sarah Wynter.

The third season of Damages is set to premiere on January 25th at 10/9 pm on FX.  It is truly a great show and a great drama.  If you miss the original broadcasts of episodes, you can get caught up at the following sites:

Places to Watch Damages Season 3 Online:
    The official site to catch all the latest episodes of Damages as well as other FX hits.  FX repeatedly updates the episodes one week after airing so you have to be patient if you miss an episode.
    If you can wait an entire season, you can purchase the previous season at the iTunes store.  Depending on how many episodes there are in a season, the price will vary a bit if you decide to buy the season pass.  For each episode its $1.99 for SD and $2.99 for HD versions.
    This site is like Hulu except a little younger. If you have a Slingbox account, you can stream content from the Slingbox to your computer.  We’re not sure if episodes will be uploaded to the site but you can still watch clips, behind the scenes, and previews of the next show.

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